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QHF, a trusted name for over 40 years provides specialty

coatings and related products for the Sign, Branding and Re-Imaging 

markets.  QHF can simplify your painting processes, increase paint 

production volume, reduce labor costs and reduce material costs.

"Q-COLR™ concentrated colorants are specially formulated to provide extremely durable, “fast hiding” bright colors for branding and re-imaging industries. Specially formulated with the highest quality, environmentally friendly pigments to provide an increased concentration level of color. The results are reduced inventory stocking requirements for the user and reduced labor steps during application. Q-COLR™ concentrated colorants have been formulated to be universally mixed with Q-COAT UC™, Q-COAT TC™, Q-COAT DC™ and Q-COAT AC™ paint systems providing a complete “family of solutions” without the added cost of stocking multiple paint lines."
Peter Millar
President, QHF


Product Item Code Change Q-SOLV UR1000™ changed to Q-SOLV PR1000™

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Q-SOLV UR1000™ Reducer has been renamed Q-SOLV PR1000™.  

The formula ingredients are unchanged, only the item code has changed to better align with our item coding system.  Existing inventory with the old item code Q-SOLV UR1000™ is expected to be depleted in January of 2015 and will automatically be transitioned over to the new item code.  

QHF™ Again Partners with Sonoco™ Recycling

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QHF™ has once again partnered with Sonoco Recycling Inc., to help achieve our sustainability goals through landfill diversion and reducing our environmental footprint.  Together we convert used materials like cardboard, plastic and tin plate into new products such as insulation, carpeting and new packaging products.  Together we achieve sustainability goals through planning and solutions.